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It's me your Global Wedding and Event Planner!!!

I am a Single mother of two beautiful kids and our dog name Torpedo!  I am blessed to be doing what I love to do each day of my life.....I love weddings, I love events, I love Corporate events, heck I just love it all!! 

I enjoy dance, theater, going to church and most of all enjoying California beaches. Beach weddings, popcorn,and watermelon are my absolute favorite!! Okay, not all at once, but once in awhile doesn't hurt. I am a foodie for sure. My only live once, make the best of each day. 

My work has been published both nationally and locally. I am the creator of the Engaged Culinary Experience for the Engaged Couple! So if you are engaged and are interested in our next event click the tab above for location and date.













 Let's chat more about your day!!

Stephanie White- Global Wedding Planner
Founder & Creative Director

Consider your friends and family

Think about how to make your event different and creative, while still enjoying your family and friends who will be attending. Friends want to have fun, family want to be accepted and you can include family traditions and culture. Let's brainstorm!!

We offer essential services for your new home. We are a one stop shop helping families with services you currently need in your home such as energy, electric, house phone, cell phones, pre-marital counseling, travel packages, real-estate, you name it, we are a one stop shop. 

Stephanie White
Founder & Creative Director