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6 Reasons Why Tipping your vendors means a Job well done

How do I give the tip to my vendors at my wedding?

This can be challenging to say the least, but let's not make this difficult. You have a lot of other things to worry about instead of how to deliver the tip money to your vendors. I always tell my couples I will be in charge of this area. If you do not have a Wedding Planner, or Day of Coordinator, give it to your Maid of Honor, Best Man, or someone who you trust. You should think about how to deliver the money, what will you put the money in? Should it be in an envelope? or a thank you note?

You took time thinking about how much you should give each vendor for a job well done, delivery is important too. Write a nice thank you note for each vendor!

The last wedding expense you need to account for is the tip. This is usually the last expense figured out and often times missed. I think it's the rational they have already paid for each of their vendors and therefore, should not be tipped for a job well done. To my vendors defense, I would should tip them and include the extra expense in the beginning of your wedding planning to ensure all monies are accurately accounted for. If your overall wedding budget is 20,000 do not forget to include about 1000 to 1500 in tip money. Sounds expensive, but not all vendors will charge gratuity and usually the caterers will include gratuity in their contract. Reasons why you should tip your vendors and how to recognize a good service and feel good about leaving a 15-25% tip for your vendors.

1. Because you hired the best of the best for your wedding- I am sorry to say this, but most of the couples I have worked with and currently work with all have one thing in common. They have hired the best of the best vendors for their wedding. In other words, they believe in each vendor, they have done research on each one, they have read reviews and have contacted current and previous clients of each of their vendors to ensure they are hiring the right ones for their wedding. If you are wiling to do the research to find the best ones for your wedding, I am sure tipping them is not going to be a hard decision.

2. Because they did a fantastic job preparing for your wedding day- I love this tip because guess what? Each wedding vendor has worked numerous hours leading up to your wedding day. Reality is some of the vendors have to prepare and work long hours for each event. They have sometimes to research your event, understand what you want and how to execute it, hire staff to help them, and work behind the scenes, making phone calls, sending endless emails, talking on the phones, negotiating prices...all for your wedding or event. When you begin to understand that, you will begin to appreciate who you hire and why you hired them.

3. Because without them you would not have a wedding- Yes, I just said that. This is true. If you could plan your own wedding, be the D.J, be the photographer, the planner, the baker, the entertainer, the venue then there is no need to hire a professional. Reality need them and I haven't seen or heard one wedding where the couple played all these parts for their big day.... so take care of them.

4. Because your D.J. went on a search to find that one song you told him last minute- Haa I am sure my D.J friends will love this one. Reality is they need to work on your wedding day event months in advance and often times do not need last minute song request. I know you ran out of time and therefore, now they have to suffer and scram to figure out what version of that one song you want because it has been written and done over by so many artist. This is moment of truth for my D.J friends. Tip him!

5. Because your Wedding Planner is awesome- Sometimes it's okay to toot your own horn, but it's even better to hear it from your past and current couples of how good of a job you are doing for them. If you took the time to research your Wedding Planner, you should tip them too. They are the ones to make sure your day and leading up to your day is complete. Without their wisdom, negotiation skills and ability to put out the fires, you might not have the style and type of wedding you desire. A Wedding Planners ability to see a problem before hand and plan for emergencies is a gift. Let's face it. A good Wedding Planner is working on your wedding from the time your retainer fee and contract is in hand and believe it or not, she's planning the smallest details you have no clue about. Yes, it's okay to tip your Wedding Planner.

6. Because your caterer and staff doesn't work for free- Believe it or not, catering is the most expensive part of your wedding besides the venue, but often times it's the food where you are going to pay the most money. I don't think you should complain about it either, because you need to feed your guest and besides...guest are there to eat. They want good food or your guest will talk about the chicken being dry, the food being too cold and the beef being tough. Um I do not like tough beef, or food being cold. So with all the preparation that goes on behind the scene for a caterer you should tip them. They work hard for each event, prep time, hiring staff, cleaning, setting tables, bring linen if needed and props because they are not just thinking about themselves, but guess what? some of your photos will have your food display in them. Presentation is everything! Tip, Tip, Tip!!

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