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5 Things your Wedding Guest do not Care about!

5 Things your Wedding Guest Don’t Care About!!!!


Wedding Planning can be so stressful. Can be is an understatement, it is Stressful!!! I get it and understand. There are too many decisions you have to make, from the cake to the food and food to the flowers. let’s not forget about the music selection.. you are not sure if you want “ Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran or “Marry you” by Bruno Mars. I mean how do you really choose the best wedding song? Let’s not forget about these guest tables!!!! Do you want linen on the table, polyester or satin, should they go all the way down on the floor or halfway? or maybe no linen and just go with the picnic tables, but wait if you use the picnic tables should you use mason jars or not? Too many decisions and not enough time in the day! It can get a little daunting! So I decided to create 5 things your wedding guest do not care about. This is for sure going to help you feel better knowing there is a method to the madness, it’s just knowing what makes sense for your wedding. Alright sit tight and here me out.

  1. Your guest do not care about your invitations! Wait what? No way! Believe it or not, NO they do not! The point of the wedding invitations is to announce you both are getting married, right? As long as you have all the detailed information and wording in the invitations no one is really going to care about the look and feel of your wedding invitations. So this should help you to refocus on what feels right for the both of you? Keep it simple, be creative because you have to mail them out to your guest.

  2. Your guest do not care about these two songs “ I wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston or “Twist and Shout”by the Beatles. Okay! I am sure I made you say “ NO WAY my guest do care about songs. Yes, I agree, but just pick songs you know will get your guest up and moving. Just pick what you feel is best for your guest and yourself! Think about entertaining your guest is more important. No one wants to show up to a boring wedding! So your guest don’t care, but make it fun! They care about having fun!!

  3. Your guest do not care about the drinking water! Yes, you did read right!!! Listen, this might sound strange to some and right on point with others. Water is a major drink you have to consider at your wedding. This is a must have, so who cares if it’s Dasani, Voss or Aquafina. Just provide water. Your guest are going to be happy after dancing all night or maybe after sitting in the hot sun because you wanted to have your ceremony in the hot have cold and refreshed water for them to drink. Please do not make a big deal about the water. Or if there is fruit in the water or not, they just are happy you provided water! I cannot make this up!

  4. Your guest do not care about Toss Bouquet. That’s right! Just pick some nice flowers! As a hint ( the bouquet can be fake flowers ). Listen, the single ladies do not care how the bouquet will look, you are going to toss it up and someone single is going to kick, elbow and do whatever they need to do to grab this bouquet! Ladies, it’s going to be the best experience for your single ladies. So just pick a bouquet!

  5. Your guest do not care about the programs. Programs are nice to have, but your guest are going to leave them at their seats once the ceremony is over. Most of the time if the programs are placed on the chairs at the ceremony, your guest will read them to kill time, but they will end up on the ground at the end of the ceremony. So save money!

These are just some helpful ideas for you both to think about while you are planning your wedding. Think about fun. Always keep your mind on what fun activities or entertainment we can create for our guest! Then everything else will fall into place.

Happy Planning!

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